Refinancing? It pays to look into your options!

I don't sell rate, but sometimes it sells itself:

Phone convo with client… October 2019

Client: “Hello, how’s my favorite loan officer?”

Me: “Hey, great, I think we will have everything with your refinance buttoned up by the 29th of November”

Client: “That’s my BIRTHDAY, what are you going to get me?”

Me: “Hang on, let’s see…(pause) $143,200”.

Client: “Huh?”

Me: “Yes, $143,200”

Client: “I don’t know what you mean”.

ME: “By going from a 30 year to a 15 year, you are shaving off 10 years as you are 5 years into your current loan. I am dropping your rate to 3.125%, down from 4.125% and with the shorter term, you are knocking off 10 years of interest payments, all while keeping your payment the same. That equals $143,200… hello?”

Client: “I’ll have this place paid off before I’m eligible to retire”.

Me: “Ain’t that sweet?!”

Client: “You are TRULY my favorite loan officer”

Me: “I’ll take that 😊”

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