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2020 has an upside....

As many of us lost work, are struggling, and all of us considering how we can save money. It's a great time to reach out to me and fill out a loan application. Rates have been at historic lows since before Covid-19 and have stayed steadily lower. The business became too much for me to be a 'one man band'-- so I brought on a few team members. For lack of a better name-- we have Team Baucom with Tony Galanti and Kerri Arena. Two people who keep me in check, on task, and have EVERY DEAL closing on time. I've never been so optimistic about Borrowers having a GREAT EXPERIENCE. We are here to SAVE YOU MONEY and know that if you go to another lender, you'll not have as good of an outcome. We have each client's best interests at heart and deed. We'll even Zoom call with you and put you in the driver's seat of the deal. It's fun and rewarding as we break down the savings for you. Plus Tony and Kerri are a riot. For real-- this has become a family.

Let's finish 2020 STRONG. Cheers~!


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